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Who we ARE

Guided by Kids is a non-profit which offers speech and debate education free of charge to Omaha area students in grades 5-8 each year. We will resume regular Thursday early evening class sessions, beginning with our first class on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2023, also at Omaha Marian.


We plan to compete at in-person middle school speech and debate competitions in the local area and should have our own middle school debate competition hosted by Guided by Kids sometime in April or May, 2024, at Omaha Marian.  We are committed to continuing to educate students so that they can attain the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to being informed citizens and leaders in their communities.


Student members of Guided by Kids learn and practice high level communication and critical thinking skills (researching, listening, questioning, note-taking, speaking, debating, etc.) while also determining and completing a community improvement project of their own choosing.

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