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How to Apply to be in Guided by Kids

If you are a student who thinks this educational group is right for you, and if you will be in 5th-8th grade in an Omaha area school next year, you can apply. First, you should word process and save answers to the 3 questions that you will need to answer as part of the application. You can also hand write your answers and then type them in directly on the form if you prefer to do that. That saved document can then be imported for your answers to the last three questions, which are an important part of the application:

(1) Why do you want to be a member of Guided by Kids? Please describe skills you want to gain in the program. Please also explain how these skills will improve yourself and your community.

(2) What is an example of an individual or group project that you have completed that you felt good about? This could include projects from school, church, home, or your community that you felt good about? Please give some details explaining why this was important to you.


(3) What is an idea you have to improve your local community? How does your idea help your community? What do you believe it would take to complete this project?


Take some time to think about what you will write and do your very best writing before saving your word document. After you are satisfied with your answers and have saved them, you can then start the application, completing the first two pages with information we need to have about you, your parents or guardians, and your school. Finally, for page three, you will have your word processed answers to the questions to copy and paste into the answers, or your hand written answers to type in on the form.

The application needs to be completed in one sitting. That’s why it’s important to do the answers to the questions in advance. Do your best!

 Deadline for applications:                   Nov. 15, 2023.

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