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Class this Thursday to Include presentation about Secret Agents of Kindness

Ferial Pearson and Iman Pearson (who was a member of Guided by Kids last year) will give students a presentation about Secret Agents of Kindness, a program we hope to implement which encourages empathy for and engagement with people who can benefit from a helping hand or a supportive word. Since all people who can benefit that kind of personal engagement, we believe this is a valuable element to add to what we teach in Guided by Kids.

Also, a reminder to students who have already received your laptops, power chords, and computer bags. Please bring these back with you to class on Thursday, November 29, so we can straighten out some mismatches with laptops/power chords.

If you are doing a final presentation of a speech, also have that ready.

See you tomorrow at the Kroc Center at 6 p.m.

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