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Four more Zoom class meetings this year!

We have continued to meet regularly on Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. via Zoom videoconferencing. Several students have written and updated/improved/revised their informative/persuasive speeches and shared their work with classmates and instructors. Ms. Shudak and I have been impressed with their continued dedication to learning. We will meet four more times: April 30, May 7, May 14, and May 21. During the last couple class meetings, we expect to have some practice debates on the topic we would have been debating at competitions this year if schools had not needed to cancel: "Resolved: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All Students." Also, Guided by Kids will reach out

Another Zoom Meeting Tomorrow Night, April 9, 2020

Students and parents should receive an invitation tomorrow. I know there have been some concerns about Zoom, and have read the articles about their service, but they have issued updates to improve security. We did not have any issues last week when we met except for some problems with connectivity. We are all learning as we go. Students, when you sign on tomorrow, let me greet you and let you know that I am seeing you, or that I am seeing that you have joined the meeting but that there is no video (when that happens, your initials appear in a circle). I can then ask you to speak to see if we can also hear you. That allows for a little more orderly way of having folks join the meeting. The


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