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Class Tomorrow Night at Kroc Center

We will have two guests--high school competitors from Millard West--doing their informative and persuasive speeches for us, as models to help us out in preparing our own speeches for middle school competition. We also know what our debate topic is for this year--Resolved: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All Students. Lots to work on at class at the Kroc Center Thursday night, February 27, at 6 p.m.

No Class this Week. Debate Topic Announced!

Remember, we have no class meeting tomorrow night but return for classes at the Kroc Center on Thursday, February 27 at 6 p.m. For that class, you should bring all of your work done on your informative or persuasive speech--research, a starting outline, an introduction idea, etc. At that class, we should have a couple of high school competitors in speech who will demonstrate their own informative and persuasive speeches to help you see good models for the events. Additionally, the vote is in and we have our debate topic for this season's middle school tournaments: "Resolved: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All Students." You can certainly start researching that topic

Vote on Debate Topic this Thursday

All schools/clubs participating in middle school debate have voted and narrowed topics down to two choices: 1) Resolved: The Right to Bear Arms should be Limited 2) Resolved: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All Students At class this Thursday, Feb. 13, at 6 p.m. at the Kroc Center, we will vote on which of those two topics we would like to debate this year. Also, please bring the research you have done on your persuasive or informative speech to class so that you can feedback from Ms. Shudak and Mr. Robertson on your next speech project. Looking forwrad to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Class Agenda for Tonight

I hoped to be able to post the final choices for the middle school debate topic we would vote on tonight in class, but not all votes from middle school programs are in from others who participate in debate. Tonight we should have at least one inspiration speech redo, and we will learn about ethos, pathos, and logos---Aristotle's three components of effective persuasion. Payton and I will also talk to everyone about the opportunity to attend a tournament for 9th and 10th grade high school debaters hosted by Guided by Kids at UNO's Mammel Hall this Saturday, February 8th. This will be an opportunity for our students to see what the best young debaters in Omaha and Lincoln are able to achieve


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