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We Will Meet Via Zoom Videoconferencing, Beginning This Week

Guided by Kids will continue to host classes via videoconferencing, and we will give this our best attempt this week, with a trial Zoom meeting on Wednesday, followed by a class on Thursday. I have already emailed students/parents to let everyone know this. I will follow up to students/parents on both Wednesday and Thursday, and we shall see how it goes. This is new for me and I appreciate the help one of our GBK parents did in showing me how to set up a Zoom account. I hope everyone is doing their best to stay at home and that students have been able to continue to do some school work in your regular classes, which also have not been able to meet. If any of our students have done some work

Classes Cancelled. Will Let You Know If Anything Changes.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we of course cannot have Guided by Kids classes as scheduled. The Kroc Center has stopped all programs, and it would be impossible and unwise for us to find any other place to meet. If the situation changes, I will let students and parents know. Students, I know several of you did begin work on informative and persuasive speeches. If you want to email your work to Mr. Robertson, he will share with Ms. Shudak, and both of us can give you feedback. You can do the same in constructing your debate cases, pro and con, on the topic "Resolved: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All.Students." I know you are already doing your school wo

Guided by Kids Class Cancelled for Tomorrow Evening, March 12

After talking with our hosts at the Kroc Center, and after looking at developments today, with attendance restrictions at the State Basketball Tournament in Lincoln, and other advisories regarding the corona virus (COVID-19), we are going to make a cautious decision not to have Guided by Kids class tomorrow night at the Kroc Center. It's just best for us not to get together right now. I will email everyone as soon as I complete this post, and also make sure students and parents get information next week as soon as we know if we ought to begin meeting again for classes. If students want to email me with work on their informative/persuasive speeches or beginning work on a pro or con debate ca

Bring Your Work on Speeches Tomorrow!

For class tomorrow night, March 5th, at the Kroc Center at 6 p.m. you should bring all the work you have done on your informative or persuasive speech. Ms. Shudak and Mr. Robertson will work with you and give you feedback on what you have done so far. We will also continue work on ideas/arguments for both sides of our debate resolution: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All Students. In just six weeks, we will be going to our first competitions in speech and debate in Omaha! Looking forward to working with everyone tomorrow evening.


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