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Fine Results from 2nd Competition at Millard North

Charlotte with her first place ribbon from one of the rounds of competition in persuasive speaking. Saffiya also earned a third place ribbon in one of her rounds but had to leave early, before awards. Will post a photo of her later this week. Both of them had great fun competing along with over 300 other middle school students in the Metro area. We will finish our speech and debate competitions by debating the topic "Animal testing should be abolished" at Elkhorn Valley View Middle School on May 5th, and we have started our research to be prepared to debate both sides intelligently! It's an honor to get to work with these fine students in Guided by Kids!

Great Job at First Speech Competition at Omaha Marian!

6th graders Charlotte Gallup and Iman Pearson ready to go to their first round of persuasive speaking! After three rounds of competition, waiting with 300 other middle school speakers at awards. Ribbons earned by great work! Thanks to all who have donated to Guided by Kids! Please consider another donation to help us attend two more middle school speech and debate tournaments in Omaha!


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