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Fundraising Success!

Yesterday, November 27, 2018, Guided by Kids participated as a non-profit organization in the International Day of Giving. Counting all donations given, which some folks sent before yesterday, when I announced Guided by Kids would be involved in this fundraiser, we were blessed by donations of $3205!

Yesterday we had $1920 given of that total. I know of one check in the mail on the way, and usually a few more people who missed that this kind of fundraiser was taking place will add donations. Additionally, Facebook and Paypal (the platforms used for giving by most of the donors) matched all donations starting at 7 a.m. yesterday until they spent a total of $7 million dollars. So we should get at least a few hundred bonus dollars from that matching fund.

On behalf of the board of directors of Guided by Kids--Zach Turner, Chris Schultz, Jennifer Jerome, Mina Davis, and Clayton Johnson--and from Payton Shudak and myself, we thank all of the donors for their unbelievable generosity!

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