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Classes Cancelled. Will Let You Know If Anything Changes.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we of course cannot have Guided by Kids classes as scheduled. The Kroc Center has stopped all programs, and it would be impossible and unwise for us to find any other place to meet.

If the situation changes, I will let students and parents know.

Students, I know several of you did begin work on informative and persuasive speeches. If you want to email your work to Mr. Robertson, he will share with Ms. Shudak, and both of us can give you feedback. You can do the same in constructing your debate cases, pro and con, on the topic "Resolved: All U.S. Public Universities should be Tuition-Free for All.Students."

I know you are already doing your school work online as assigned as schools have closed, and that is of course your first priority. But if you want to work on what you have started with us in GBK, please send us some of what you write and we will help you out.

Payton and I will miss seeing all of you on Thursday nights and appreciate the work you have done as well as your great attitude about learning to research, write, speak, and debate well!

If conditions change, I will let everyone know.

Fred Robertson

Guided by Kids

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