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First Speech Assignment

Guided by Kids

Personal Speech Assignment

Ms. Shudak and Mr. Robertson


The first speech you will give will be a personal speech about someone you love, or someone who you consider a very important person to learn from—as a role model-- or someone who is both.

You can give the speech about someone in your family, or the speech could be about a person who is well known. The speech could also be about someone who you have learned about, read about, and admire greatly. We will give examples of how to organize and give each type of speech tonight.

The person you speak about must be truly very important to you-- someone you want to honor with your speech.

All speeches will need to be given in class, and completed by the end of class on Thursday, November 2nd. It will be best if 2 or 3 students volunteer to do their speeches on Thursday, October 19th, so that not all eight speeches need to be given during one class.

No speech will be graded in any way, but Mr. Robertson and Ms. Shudak will give encouraging feedback as well as guidance on what to work on for future speeches, and Guided by Kids classmates in the audience will also give specific positive feedback to each speaker.

Students should email their work on their speeches to Ms. Shudak and Mr. Robertson (each instructor will work with 4 students) as they put their speeches together—outlines, rough drafts, final drafts.

Even though this may seem difficult, we are going to encourage you to give your speech from notes, not from a fully written out speech. We will explain why and give examples of why this is more appropriate for this type of speech. It is fine for you to write out your speech in full as you want to give it, but if you have the whole speech written on notecards or on a sheet of paper, it is likely you will “read” the speech instead of “speaking” to the audience.

In order for the speech to be as good as it can be, you will need to supply plenty of details about the person who you are speaking about. This may mean you do research, or it may mean you tell detailed, vivid stories about a family member.

If you are giving a speech with plenty of details, it will probably be at least around 2 minutes long, and you should time your speech while practicing it, so that you know it will be detailed enough and complete.

So, to sum up:

  1. First speech to be given either Oct. 19 or Nov. 2.

  2. A personal speech about someone you love or admire explaining why you love this person or consider this person a role model, or both.

  3. The speech may or may not be researched, depending on the person chosen.

  4. You should ask for assistance and advice from Mr. Robertson and Ms. Shudak when writing and practicing your speech, both outside and during class. Contact us by email at

  5. We will sign up for who is speaking when at our next class meeting on Oct. 12!

Have fun and work hard preparing for your first speech in Guided by Kids!

Ms. Shudak and Mr. Robertson

Questions: ask at

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