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Students Try Out Impromptu Speaking!

After learning about events they will be able to compete in at local middle school competitions in the spring of 2018 (original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, declamation, and impromptu speaking), the students decided to give impromptu speaking a try at last night's class. No photos this time, but we were very impressed by the creativity, enthusiasm, and confidence shown by everyone who spoke on their randomly drawn topics.

Each Guided by Kids student also demonstrated fine speech organization basics, as well as solid delivery skills while communicating with their audience.

It's great to see students learning and having fun!

We won't meet for class until after Thanksgiving, when we will have high school speech competitors come in to model extemporaneous speaking and original oratory for us. We will also hear from some local organization's spokespeople about community projects the students could choose to engage in this year.

Stay tuned here for an announcement about a fundraising initiative for Guided by Kids so we can keep our program going strong in 2018.

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