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Class tonight--Finishing Inspiration Speeches and Getting Ready to be Secret Agents of Kindness on S

These are the coats Mr. Robertson is bringing from his home for class tonight. Ms. Shudak is also bringing some winter wear she and her family have collected. Students, you are welcome to bring anything you have to spare as well, in order to help those who could use some protection from the cold Nebraska winter.

As part of class, we will be attaching labels explaining "I'm not lost! If you are out in the cold, please take this to keep warm! If you need someplace warm to be, call 402-889-5505 for Street Outreach and 211 for shelter numbers. Love, The Secret Kindness Agents."

Then, on Sunday, December 9, we will meet at the Kroc Center at 12:30 so we can go to the Gene Leahy Mall in downtown Omaha to take part in the citywide effort of Secret Agents of Kindness from many Omaha area schools. There we will distribute the winter wear by tying coats and scarves to trees, sitting items on benches, etc., starting at 1 p.m. Afterwards, Mr. Robertson promises to buy hot chocolate for all those who can participate, and if most of our students can, I will need a couple of parents to volunteer to help drive our students to and from the Kroc Center.

Permission slips to allow your son or daughter to participate will be given out at tonight's class, and we hope we end up with a great turnout Sunday to do something wonderful for the community we love--Omaha!

Tonight, those students who still need to complete their final performances of their inspiration speeches will also be speaking for the class.

It's great to be Guided by Kids!

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