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Kroc Center to Host Middle School Debate Tournament this Saturday, May 11

10-12 first year competitors in middle school debate will take part in a unique no wins/no losses Invitational from 9 a.m.-noon this Saturday, May 11 at the Kroc Center.

All students who debate will receive feedback on research, speaking skills, and argumentation, and each competitor will be recognized at a lunch following the competition with a certificate which awards them for their commitment to debate. In lieu of medals or ribbons as awards, the students will get to choose one charity or local organization they would like to give $10, and Mr. Robertson will make a donation for them to that cause.

Two Guided by Kids students will debate, along with others from LaVista Middle School and Millard North Middle School.

We appreciate the Kroc Center hosting this season-ending event of our speech/debate competitions.

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