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Omaha Gives Wednesday, Last Zoom Class Thursday

We are participating once again in Omaha's annual non-profit fundraising day, sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation, a great organization.

If you want to help us out for next year, when we hope to return to a more regular year of competition in speech and debate at local middle school tournaments, please go to where you can schedule a donation to be given this Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

We appreciate all the support of those who help us in providing free educational opportunity for our students! Payton Shudak and I love to teach at Guided by Kids, with the support of our great Board of Directors: Zach Turner, Chris Schultz, Jennifer Jerome, Jackie Chavez, and Clayton Johnson.

On Thursday, May 21, we will have our final Guided by Kids class of 2019/2020, and two students will be doing their first practice debate online as part of our year-end celebration! We hope to have all of this year's students back next year, and to add more kids to Guided by Kids.

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