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Guided by Kids Hosts Season Ending Middle School Invitational at Omaha Marian

Guided by Kids students Austin Wong and Lucy Kizer both competed in the novice division, with Lucy earning the 6th place medal among novices.

More than 30 competitors from Millard North Middle School, Norfolk Middle School, and Guided by Kids took part in the final competition of the Middle School debate season last Saturday, May 13, at Omaha Marian.

We thank Omaha Marian head coach Halli Tripe for hosting and providing administration of the tournament, as well as more than a half dozen Omaha Marian debaters who volunteered as judges. High school debaters from Norfolk, Millard North, and Millard South also volunteered to judge and provided encouraging feedback to an enthusiastic, hard-working bunch of 6th-8th graders presenting argumentation on both sides of this year's resolution: "The United States should increase funding to allocate for more renewable energy."

Here are the top six medal winners in the varsity and novice divisions:

In Varsity, the top 6 were from Millard North Middle School, coached by Greg Learned.

  1. Moyo Ogun

  2. Ashmizi Shaik

  3. Pratyush Arunprasad

  4. Shaurya Mishra

  5. Dhanya Shankar

  6. Aarya Khobare

In Novice, the top 6 were from Millard North Middle School, Norfolk, and Guided by Kids. Norfolk is coached by Chris Begeman and Amber Doughty, and Guided by Kids is coached by Fred Robertson and Payton Shudak.

  1. Siddharth Karri, MNMS

  2. Isaac Davidson, MNMS

  3. Srivaishnavi Boinpally, MNMS

  4. Ife Ogun, MNMS

  5. Carter Swenson, Norfolk MS

  6. Lucy Kizer, Guided by Kids


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