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The last few years have been a struggle, teaching virtually and/or not having classes at all since so many students and parents were overwhelmed by the challenges we have all faced together.

But Guided by Kids is back, and planning for a great year ahead!

In my role as an assistant debate coach at Omaha Marian High School, I often work with the Congressional Debaters who compete for Marian in that debate event. The Marian Congress competitors have been very successful (two qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky in June 2022--congrats Eliza Turco and Colette Lawler!) but they are also wonderful people who care about helping others. When I asked them for input on how I could get Guided by Kids restarted, they gave me the idea to host a Congressional Debate mini-camp at Omaha Marian in July and volunteered to help teach at the camp.

I pretty much immediately decided that was a great idea and that I ought to stay true to the spirit of this non-profit and let those Marian high school "kids" guide me. I consulted with my co-teacher, Payton Shudak, and she agreed. So we decided to give it a go. Principal Sullivan at Marian was completely supportive, approved our request for both the summer mini-camp and our regular class sessions during the year, and offered help in providing tablets to students to use during the camp and regular class time, for those who don't have technology that they can bring. One of the reasons I am happy to work at Omaha Marian is that school's real commitment to working within the Omaha community to promote social justice and equity. It's wonderful to be at a school which practices what it preaches.

So we are going to get back to the fun and work of teaching and learning absolutely critical skills to being good citizens, leaders, and community members.

And we remain Guided by Kids.


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