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Working on Student Congress This Year!

Guided by Kids is small and mighty this year, with three students working in class on developing debate skills. We started in January and have done all instruction online this year. This, along with more difficulty getting the word out on GBK in a coronavirus environment, probably contributed to our lower numbers, but we have become more skilled in using Zoom for classwork and practicing, and we hope to participate in competition in early April.

We were able to have one online debate session with a Millard North Middle School student so that our 6th grade student this year could get her first debate experience. Thank you to the MNMS 6th grader, and to Mr. Gregg Learned, for helping us out!

We also have learned about Student Congress with the volunteer help of four Omaha Marian High School varsity debaters, and our students have written one bill and one resolution, submitted for consideration for the Creighton Prep Middle School Tournament coming up on Friday, April 9! That tournament will be a virtual format, and we look forward to competing with other schools in an event our students are excited to join for the first time this year.

My co-teacher Payton Shudak and I are consistently reenergized when we work with our students, and we are both so happy they have an opportunity to learn to research, to think critically, and to share their voices in Guided by Kids


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