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No Summer Camp This Year. GBK Will Have Another Year of Classes Beginning in December, 2023!

Last summer, in July of 2022, Guided by Kids hosted a one week Congressional Debate camp, at Omaha Marian High School. The students who took part had a lot of fun and a great educational experience. I have had some inquiries about whether or not we would host a camp this summer. I want to let folks know that we will not be having a camp. I have decided to take my June, July, and August as an actual full vacation, focusing on getting back in better physical shape, gardening, and grandkids.

I hope to have some successful members from this year's group of Guided by Kids students who will let me know that they plan to return next year (just email me--there is no need to redo an application). Any new students wanting to apply for next year's classes can do so if they will be in 5th-8th grade during the 2023/24 school year. Just go to our website, fill out the application form, and do some writing to answer three questions that let us know a bit about you and why you want to be part of Guided by Kids.

Payton Evans and I will be back to teaching and working with students in December, 2023!


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