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Register to Join Guided by Kids 2023/24!

Classes will begin at Omaha Marian High School on December 7, 2023. Payton Evans and I are excited to welcome a group of returning and new students to Guided by Kids, our nonprofit which works to give Omaha metro area 5th-8th grade students education and training in speech and debate, with opportunities to advance their abilities to be leaders in their communities.

This year we plan to offer a new type of debate, World Schools Debate, an event that allows 3-5 students to work together as a team to present positions in affirmation or negation of propositions debated nationwide by other middle school and high school debate programs.

We are getting ready to go in less than three months but we need some students to let us know they want to be part of Guided by Kids! Simply go to and click on the application tab. The deadline for registration is November 15, 2023 so please sign up soon to take advantage of this great educational opportunity!


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