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OPPD Board Chair Eric Williams Visits Guided by Kids!

Last Thursday, March 23, Omaha Public Power District Chair Eric Williams visited our class to talk to us about what OPPD is doing in moving forward with renewable energy projects. He also answered our questions about both the benefits and difficulties of transitioning to different types of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and hydropower--as well as discussing nuclear energy innovations and the need to modernize our electrical grid networks.

The middle school debate resolution for this year in Omaha is "Resolved: The U.S. should increase funding to allocate for more renewable energy." This resolution is challenging to research and clearly important to learn about; we appreciate all the help we received from Mr. Williams last week!

Guided by Kids students are preparing for our first middle school competition on Saturday, April 22, at Elkhorn Valley View Middle School and meet again at Omaha Marian High School this Thursday to continue work on developing sound arguments and evidence on both sides of the resolution.


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