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Update on Guided by Kids 2021/22 coming soon

I am finalizing some changes for this year, and should post at the beginning of next week about a new site for our classes this year, our policy concerning covid 19 vaccination, masking, and other issues. With the age group we serve, some of this is a bit complicated. We want to insure the safest way possible to meet in person for the best educational experience possible.

I do know that we will start Guided by Kids in December of 2021 and should meet for 20 classes between December, 2021 and May, 2022. Payton Shudak and I will once again work on developing skills in speech and debate and community involvement for Omaha metro students in grades 5-8 this year, and we are looking forward to receiving applications from students who want to be part of of Guided by Kids.

Fred Robertson

Director and Co-Teacher

Guided by Kids


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